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  1. Single Screw RPVC Pipe And Profile Plants

    PVC/RPVC Pipe Production Line consists of a high-speed mixing group, SINGLE screw extruder, Dies and Die Head, Vacuum calibration tank, cooling water tank, haul-off, ink printer, saw cutter, stacker, ect. The line applies a unique screw design, which features a short remaining time for materials in the barrel, and good compounding and plasticizing effect. It adopts a reduction box of super quality, with a nice outline, stable running and low noise. Finned ceramic heater for barrel heating and air cooling system brings precise temperature control. A vacuum degassing system can get rid of moisture and volatile gas from the materials and guarantee the super quality of products. Main motor applies a silicon controlled DC speed regulator or variable frequency speed regulator, which provides stable torque output and step less speed regulation. It is suitable for the processing of PVC or UPVC powder. Main technical parameter for PVC/UPVC Pipe Production Line.
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  2. Soft PVC Garden Pipe Plant

    The offered Soft PVC Garden Tubing Plants is made available by us in various types and is suitable for use in various commercial and industrial uses. It is very effective and made using high quality materials for a high durability. The offered tubing plants are very useful and can be installed easily. The offered plant is made using stainless steel and is very efficient in its performance. It is made for industrial use and has high durability. The offered Soft PVC Garden Tubing Plants is easy to operate and is made according to the industrial use.
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  3. PPR Pipe Plants

    PPR cold and hot water pipe production line consists of 3 extruders , Die Head, moulds, Vacuum calibrating cooling water tank, Spray cooling water tank, haul-off, printer, cutter, stacker, etc. Pipe processing scope: 16- 200mm, production speed: up to 15m/min With specially designed screw and die head, inverter controlled AC motor, top brands electrical control units, the whole production line is stable in performance, precision in sizing, excellent in quality. As a multi-functional production line, it can also produce HDPE, PP, PEX pipes. Final product application: PP-R cold and hot water pipe is mainly used for residential water supply systems, which has characteristics of low price, non-toxic, no corrosion, and high temperature resistance. Fields of Application of Triple Layer PPR Pipe Hot & Cold Water Supply for Residential, Industrial & Commercial Projects. Compressed Air Systems. Drinking Water & Liquid Food Supply Systems Gardening, Agriculture.
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  4. HDPE Pipe Plants

    SAI MACHINE TOOLS Offers complete turnkey production lines for PE pipe. We offer a wide range of single screw extruders in various sizes and capacities. Our screw design is chosen based on our clients material combination (for all PE materials: LLDPE, LDPE, MDPE, HDPE, etc...) ensuring homogeneous mixture, better plastification and efficiency. Our production lines come in a wide range of configurations capable of producing PE pipes from 16mm all the way up to 1200mm. We SAI MACHINE TOOLS offer complete sets of tooling for various pipe classes (PN/SDR) required in the industry. SAI MACHINE TOOLS IS LARGEST SUPPLIER OF HDPE PLB TELECOM PIPE EXTRUSION SYSTEMS IN INDIA. SPECIFICATION : Screw Dia : 45mm, 65mm, 75mm, 90mm, 120mm Layer Type : Single Layer, Multilayer ABA type, Multilayer ABC type LD Ratio : 30:1, 33:1, 38:1, 40:1 Main Motor : 30kw to 315kw Max. Output : 100kg/hr TO 1200kg/hr Pipe Range : 16mm to 1200mm
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