Drip Irrigation Tube Extrusion Machine

Drip Irrigation Tube Extrusion Machine
Drip Irrigation Tube Extrusion Machine
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Product Description

The provided Drip Irrigation Tube Extrusion Machine is integrated with elevated quality barrel and screw that guarantees consistent and reliable melt quality throughout the working for elongated period. It has PLC AC control panel that possess capacity of over 400 drippers per minute. The spacing setting can be changed in the range of 200 to 2000 mm for varied pipe configurations. Moreover, the PLC control system has features of plain pipe, sample, group spacing and homogenous spacing. This machine can also perforate the material under its online visual detection system as well as dripper spacing check without or with mechanical correction provision alongside sticker printing. It is incorporated with dual auto coiler stations with mechanized traversing facility. This consumes power supply of 0.27 for each unit to produce over 130000 meters inline pipes in a day. However, our Drip Irrigation Tube Extrusion Machine has flat pipe thickness scope of 0.20 to 0.9mm.

Technical Specifications:

Extruder Capacity  : 200kgs/7mm/hour
Dripper Insertion Unit  :  SMT IDF 300 insertions/minute
Cross Die Head:  Uniquely outlined for flat dripper
Vacuum Calibration Tank:  Stainless steel and 5 m long
Cooling Bath:  Tempered steel and 15 m long
Perforation Unit : SMT PDF with two and one hole
Caterpillar Type Haul Off : Maximum line pace of 120m per minute (2 no.)
Double Station Coiler:  Maximum line speed of 1000 m coils
Aggregate Connected Load : 72 KW
Space Demand : 45*6*5 m (l*w*h)

Coiler Unit:

Following the coil length is completely, the unit cuts the pipe. It enables mechanical pipe transfer in different bobbins for consistent operation. The bobbins are rotated by Turret Action. It is also integrated with torque regulation winding system that is effectively powered by servo technology. Moreover, this unit possesses consistently modifiable traversing actions that are drive by servo advancement. It has winding speed of over 160 meters for every sixty seconds.

Haul Off Unit:

Elevated speed accuracy regulated feature is specifically powered by this unit with optimum speed and diameter of 180 m/m and 20mm. The precise and consistent pull of this unit will ensure a proficient function of the entire extrusion line. It has two belts that are powered by motor as well as drive with pulleys and time belt. This also can accurately synchronize with the primary extruder line. It has dancing roll caterpillar belt that is mounted at the bottom with dancing reinforced rods or links.

Screw Extruder:

The calibrated extrusion is among the imperative aspects of the manufacturing line. This unit is integrated with distributive and dispersive mixing areas for better and consistent mixing and melting. It also has a productive temperature control unit for different longitudinal grooved in the area of feeding. This screw extruder unit is additionally integrated with railing for ideal linear movement in which zero foundation is demanded. This is possible because the rails are welded with the floor. It has barrier kind unit with helical maddock blending area to provide elevated linearity and reliable output. Moreover, this can provide uniform production rate for different screw operation speed.

Vacuum calibrating Tank:

This unit is provided with features of accurate motions in microns for Z, X and Y direction. It has indirect vacuum framework with blower advancement. This can function in close coil with hi-tech pressure system. Besides, this is incorporated with pressure control valve, dripper sealing technology unit and water flow valve.

Inserting Device:

It is compatible with asymmetrical and symmetrical pipe material alongside insertion capacity of over 350d per minute. This can make thickness and size ranging from 0.2-0.9mm and 12-20 mm. It is also integrated with specially designed bowl feeder for accurate dripper orientation. This has mechanism of cool tube that goes into heated die. However, its elongated conveyor functions as buffer system for different drippers. It can work with 120m per minute line speed alongside elevated accuracy X-Y-Z directions for reliable centering.

PLC Based Touch Display:

This unit comes with different features, for example, alarm message, service parameters, system performance and line operative indication.

Dripper Servo Perforation:

Our Drip Irrigation Tube Extrusion Machine is inbuilt with flat dripper servo perforation unit that has drilling rate of 400 pieces in 60 seconds. It comes with either two or one station that can be utilized simultaneously or alternatively, contingent upon the work requirement. A uniquely outline sensor offers repeatable and precise identification of every incoming dripper. This unit also has mechanically regulated servo motor that synchronizes the drilling operation to the speed as well as position of the drippers. However, the hole position can be altered by Touch display or integrated LCD for simple operations. It is integrated with easy user-interface that gives simple access and presentation of true dripper spacing and set. The display can show the status of dripper counters, maximum or minimum spacing, pipe length and alarm tolerances. It additionally has a hi-tech vision system for accurate pipe drilling mechanism. Moreover, it is compatible with pipe thickness and OD range of 0.2-0.9 mm and 12-20 mm.


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